digital camera suggestions?

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Jun 25, 2007
  1. I want to buy a camera before I go off to UCSB but I dont know what I need to look for!! any help? preferably a 7.1 megapixel
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    What is your budget? I can recommend a Kodak z710. I really like mine. The only thing I don't like about mine is the "pause" in between taking pictures. Other than that and the really crappy software for the camera, I really like it. I do not use the software at all due to it being somewhat of a system hog.
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  4. blue_dragon

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    200-300 usd
    i like suggestions but as previously mentioned, yes i want to educate myself
    like a heard about exposure 800 vs 1600 measured in iso?
    want to see the difference in the two AS IN example
    i know like shutter speed can cause the moving effect etc..
    but those it matter how big a lense can be etc?
    links would be helpful :D
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    It is all comes down to what you want. Any camera or cell phone will take pictures and many people would find the results more than adequate.

    Do you want to carry the thing in your breast pocket or would it be OK to need a separate bag?
    Are you going to print the images or just view them on the computer? For on-screen viewing, megapixels are rather irrelevant.
    Do you think 3x zoom is OK?
    Would you like to be able to add some extra lenses or filters?
    Are you going to be taking pictures of your roomates throwing up or some beautiful landscapes or mating dogs from 300ft away?
    For decent-looking indoor photography, a hot shoe and a proper flash unit is a must.

    ISO sensitivity numbers are bollocks when it comes to image quality. Anything above 400 will look grainy and >800 will give you plain crappy images. Of course, that doesn't really matter if you are interested in just capturing the moment no matter how awful it looks :)

    You may want to look at for really professional and detailed reviews with tons of sample images. They also have a glossary thing where all the terms (like ISO) are explained and demonstrated in images.
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    Kodak C875 suppose to be the best you can get for your money it's 8.0 pixel ISO goes up to 800... I was using 400 ISO...

    Has 5X Optical Zoom 5X Digital Zoom, you'll be using more of the Optical. Snap shutter is pretty fast on this one... I would buy it, but you know as soon as you get ready to buy something another better one comes out. Oh btw stay clear of Samsung Digital Camera, why because I got burnt on one I got 1 year ago, what a piece of crap...

    Check out the camera here:
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    Any camera with 6 or more megapixels will be more than adequate. Any more than that will not be noticable to the human eye unless you decide to make blow-up posters. Also things to consider are optical zooms (important), memory card types (SD is very important), standard type batteries (also important), and battery life (not so important if you use rechargables.)

    You also want to consider the durability of the camera. Many have cheap plastic doors to cover battery compartments etc., that break off easy. Kodak cameras are famous for this although their picture quality is very good.

    Read magazines like computer shopper, PC world, and (all of these are available online) - they periodically rate cameras.

    I have owned 2 kodaks, both took very good pictures but the construction was flimsy.
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