Digital Media Card Reader and Vista

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Apr 12, 2007
  1. I have an HP Pavillion DV1000 notebook and recently made the *wonderful* jump to Vista. My problem is this: my on board digital sd card reader no longer works. There is a light next to it and upon insertion of the card, it no longer lights up. I have checked the driver via device manager and it is up to date and also states the hardware is working properly. I have tried downloading the driver manually, but it tells me it still says it is up to date. i am in desperate need of this as I have NUMEROUS pics I need to transfer since I don't have the cable to connect the camera to the p.c. either.
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    Try uninstalling the device in Device Manager and rebooting to have Windows reinstall the drivers.
  3. hooah212002

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    That worked. Thanks. One good thing about Vista is you dont even have to be online to load most drivers.
  4. import2nr

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    Issues with media card reader on VIsta Desk TOP

    okay i know this is an old thread but where axactly can i uninstall and then reiunstall this device .. which one is it
  5. Nodsu

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    You can try unplugging and replugging the card reader. The corresponding devices should disappear and reappear in the Device Manager.

    You may want to set the devices' display mode to "by connection" and navigate to your USB controller. This way you see what exactly is connected to what.
  6. import2nr

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    just to be clear when you say unplugging the card reader you do mean internally right?.. .. . if so what should i be looking for is it easy to see?
  7. import2nr

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    okay i unplugged the card reader and it wokred .. thanks for the info.
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