Dimension 3000 new case troubles (connections, not fit)

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Apr 29, 2006
  1. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 2.8Ghz, and I just bought a new case. I have some questions though. For the front audio and USB ports on the new case, it is many labled wires. In the dell case, it was a bunch too, but they were all put in one connector. Where can I find a "map"? of the Dell Dimension 3000 Motherboard? I need to know in what pins these audio and USB cable plug things go. Thanks so much.

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    I couldn't figure out my dells front panel usb/audio, so I just removed the ports and made the place where they were an "air duct." I suppose, if a person knew enough about usb and using a multimeter, then they might be able to figure out what each pin is, but I haven't tried.

    EDIT: I messed around with my dell 2300 mobo and front panel usb connector and got both front panel usb working, I couldnt' figure out the headphone jack though(why does it have 5 leads going in?, shouldn't it be 3?).

    Here's the diagram of my dell dimension 2300 motherboard's front panel usb/audio connector.
    Click for larger view.

    It seems


    Hopefully all dells in this series follow the same wiring, so all you people with 2350's, 2400's, and 3000's will also be able to get your front usb working, whether you're installing a new motherboard or putting the dell board in a new case.
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    Dell doesn't care if you swap the case out. But they will not support it either.

    the only sure way to know what pins to match up is to trace all the wires back. however the only one you really need to connect is the power switch.

    Although i must admit that i am curious as to why you would want to swap the case on a dell anyways???
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    They look crap?

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    I would be really embarrassed if someone found a Dell in MY house!
    Who needs that junk anyway? No PC-enthousiast buys a pre-made PC, and those that made the mistake to buy a Dell, find out sooner or later that there is F-all you can do with it, so they come to TechSpot for assistance.
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    I think we computer enthusiasts should not diss the general community. We have special computing needs, which cannot be fulfilled by PCs built by Dell/Compaq/HP/etc. Most of the computers built by these companies are more than sufficient for the needs of the general community (CS/War3 players, officeworks, etc).

    We find their advertisements hillarious, I must say. "The latest P4 processor! The fastest Graphics Card available! All on the CRAPPIEST m/b you can ever find!" Some are true on all counts except the last. (I've personally seen them advertising the latest graphics/CPU combo)

    Either way, their first step towards geek enlightenment is forums like these, techspot. And if we're going to diss them like you just did, Techspot will close down, and with it, MY source of PC help :D

    Dells look Crap.
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    LOL, i totally agree, lmao, if any of you guys have watched that show QVC in the states ,that sells products over the tv, i always die when i hear "The Awesome quality and performance of the integrated Video Moduel is the fastest on the market, blah blah, 4x DVD, thats top of the line as well fokes" haha
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    my point was... why would you buy a new case and put a dell mobo inside it??

    I don't think the dell cases look bad, they are actually nice quality cases, it's what's inside of a dell that's crap
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    Because you want to hide the fact you own a dell. :D

    Or maybe the guy doesn't like the look of the dell case.

    Or maybe the dell case formed a crack somewhere.

    Or maybe there wasn't enough space to add more HDD/optical drives.

    Or maybe the dell case was too large, and you want it to fit into your favourite computer table.

    I can go on and on and on.... There's probably a million reasons why someone would want to change into a new casing. A discussion on why one would is best discussed in another thread, in another techspot sub-forum.
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    I know this is hijacking the thread. But i had to say it.

    I see this the same way with cars. Many people see them as a way to get from point a to point b. No more. If they do there small job, who cares about the engine, or the quality. I know that there are many car brands in america that are like this. My parents used to own a Kia. It was a totally awful car. My dad, being a mechanic could not take it, and sold it with in a few months.

    I think dells are crap. "I" being a PC nerd, a major gamer, and a multimedia junkie.

    But does that mean they do not do what is needed for other people? Not at all. To most people a PC is something that surfs the web, and writes memos. And if Dell can give them a PC that can do that, at a cheap price, then who cares.
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