Dimension PC Deals on 9100, 5100, 3000 w/lcds up to $580 off

By Deal Svengali
Sep 8, 2005
  1. Dell Dimension PC Deals with coupons

    Specially Configured Dimension PCs from Dell Home


    EvalCode 11111- D91AF

    w/p4 630(3GHz, 800FSB),XP Home,512mb,80GB SATA, DVD&CDRW Drives, 20in 2001fp LCD, 128mb PCIe Radeon x300 video

    $1119 after $580 code


    EvalCode 11111- D30PAF

    w/P4 2.8ghz, 256mb, 80GB IDE, CDRW Drive, e173fp 17in LCd, integrated vid

    $499 after $300 off


    EvalCode 11111- D51AF

    w/P4 521 w/HT Technology (2.80GHz,800FSB), 256mb, 80GB SATA, DVD/CDRW Combo Drive, 19" E193FP LCD, Integrated Graphics
    $679 after $470 off

    good through September 15th or after 1500 uses.

    these offers are only for the specially configured PCs
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