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May 30, 2006
  1. Hi! I am temporarily networking a Win 98 machine and a Win XP one via a crossover ethernet cable. The Win 98 one has an odd thing where, even when file and printer sharing is ON, the "sharing...." option -never- appears in the right click popup menu for specific folders (Perhaps this has happend to someone else before?). And thus, I cannot share files between them. I was wondering if there is a (hopefully free) file transfer program that could do the job, keeping in mind the previously mentioned contraint. And hints would be VERY appreciated!!
  2. Nodsu

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    FTP? Really, it would sort of help if we knew what exactly you want to do..

    If you want a drive-like acess to the other computer, then there are no free solutions. WebDrive allows you to map any FTP or SFTP location as a drive letter in Windows.
  3. Beksuki

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    Sorry, I do indeed want to allow the two to access each others drives. FTP I did look at, and I should probably take a closer look. Though I was unsure, since all the software seemed to be "remote" machines whereas these are right next to each other ...
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    so you're in fact trying to share a folder, then map it to a drive letter in winxp? sure you didnt check if its in properties>sharing tab?

    what folders are you trying to share and in what directories?

    mind you most network changes done in win98 needs a system reboot (exept for folder sharing)... it sucks i know..
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    While all Win/* desktop systemes have FTP to allow user control, the target
    system must have FTPD to accept the connection and transfer.

    You would be better served by SSH which allows both Telnet and FTP
    services. Look for OpenSSH for the binary download -- install on both
    systems and away you go :)
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