Direct3d error

By fullspectrum
Mar 18, 2005
  1. Hey, iv spent 2 days uploading new drivers, reseting everything possible.iv installed the game [Full spectrum warrior] 5 times and im totally lost :dead: . my computer is literally 5 days old and should be up to the job. while loading the game the screen initially goes blank and a direct3d error comes on. create device failed. :mad:
    I have a pro savage ddr graphics and a viynal ac'97 sound card both of which iv tried to up date drivers,i am running xp with directx9.c.
    computer meets all requirements but nothing will happen!
    im completely at a loss!
    thank you for your time and any solutions!
    ps. im not the worlds greatest computer user so please keep suggestions easy to follow! thanx again!
  2. paulbrowning

    paulbrowning TS Rookie

    Full Spectrum Warrior \ Direct3D


    I too am having problems. I've downloaded the Full Sprectrum Warrior demo and get the Direct3D Error - CreateDevice Failed.

    I understand that this may be due to those of us using onboard graphic cards, rather than proper grown up ones. Has anyone found a work around (other than buying a proper graphic card)?

    ~ Paul
  3. bin turki

    bin turki TS Rookie


    Hi all

    Im happy to join you in this openboard.

    I wish that I will get most of the information that I'm searching for in this open board .

    really I have a problem in the warrior full spectrum game

    when I start to play this game I have massage saying "video adapter is not supported " so I tried to solve this problem and searched in the internet but I couldn't treat the problem so I put this between your hand and I hope that you will provide to many solutions


    Bin Turki
  4. paulbrowning

    paulbrowning TS Rookie



    I resolved the issue by installing a proper graphics card. I was using an onboard chipset which wasn't up to the task.

    ~ Paul
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