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Direct3D refuses to work

By jacobin ยท 7 replies
Dec 23, 2004
  1. hi,

    recently i had just recieved some problems with my video card. i bought a geforce 5200fx just a year ago and had no problems unitl last day. i tried updating everything, driver, direct x andnothing seems to hlp. in direct x i tried testing direct draw and direct 3d and agp accelaration and seemed to have found the problem. when testing direct 3d it gets an error <test failed(creating 3d device):HRESULT=0x887602eb (error code)>

    i believe this is the problem as none of my games are running. i have never had this problemand just recently experienced it. I am also i guess missing some stuff from the audio, video and game controller section from device manager.

    Plz i need some advice and would require some assistance
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    It sounds like you have corrupted drivers or damaged system files. Probably time to do a clean install of Windows.
  3. jacobin

    jacobin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what exactly do u mean and could u be clear plz, i think what i could understand from ur post is reinstall windows. i have reformatted many times now, installed new drivers. i think my main problem is with direct 3d. that is the only thing not wrking properly. i believe it is missing a dll file from system folder. i did a quik search and this program told me i am missing this 1 file called d3d.dll
  4. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    If you are missing d3d.dll you don't have DirectX (properly) installed, as that is an integral part of DX...

    Try downloading the latest version (9.0c) again and install that.
    If you've done that, try finding a few different driver versions from nvidia and see if any of those will help... (You should find some in our downloads section)

    Good luck
  5. jacobin

    jacobin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    man nothing hlps and all the drivers in ours say they will wrk with 98 but they dont. the latest 1 i found on nvidia.com didint do the trick. infact i got the problem after i installed it.
  6. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Hmm... Then I don't know...

    I thought that support for W98 was over, but MS says Dx9.0c will work with W98, and so does the drivers from nvidia...

    You might have better luck on Nvidia's forums...

    Sorry for not being of more help...
  7. peano

    peano TS Rookie

    For what its worth, I have the exact same problem and Googling brought me here. Seems many folks are having the same problem, but little success in solving it. If I find a solution, I'll post it here.
  8. peano

    peano TS Rookie

    I found the solution. I returned my GeForce 5200 (it was new) and exchanged it for an ATI 9250 and everything is working perfectly!! I'll stick with ATI from now on. I don't have six hours to waste trying to troubleshoot some half-baked video card. Even BFG support gave up!! Now I know better.
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