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By kOrNhOlE
Jan 20, 2005
  1. When i installed diablo 2 onto my computer and tried to play it, it said that
    "Error 22: A Critical Error Has Occured When Initializing DirectDraw"
    Someone told me to upgrade my grahpics card but it is the top that it can have. I would go get a new one, but the game worked a couple of months ago. Can anyone help me out?

    AS it turns out i did have directx the game is just stupid. The first game plays fine and says it needs it. The directdraw is still a valid problem.

    Here is my computer info, If it helps any.
    Intel Pent3 Processer
    868 MHz, 192 MB of free RAM(game only needs 64)
    8.2 Gb of free space, game only needs about 2350 mb.
    Charter Internet, No problems there.
    Video Intel 82810e graphics controller, updated to the max.
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