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DirectX 9.0b, geforce 440mx, asrock k7vt2. conflict?

By Spike
Dec 16, 2003
  1. Ok, I have nothing but trouble with this. On the whole, the operation of the card in normal running is fine. It's the Windows updates for XP pro that have really screwed things up.

    The NVidia drivers for my Graphics card are fine from the CD that came with it. I installed sp1, without a problem. I then installed the rest of the O/s updates. no problem.

    However, I installed the latest Nvidia driver Microsoft windows update had to offer. The Graphics card still worked, but when it came to changing settings in Display properties->settings->advanced, and glicking on the Geforce 440MX tab, there was an error message relating to a program 'Run DLL as an App' and the fact that it had to shut it down.

    Also, after updating DirectX to 9.0b, after the XP logo on boot, there is often a 1 - 2 minute hang before the mouse cursor shows and the welcome screen loads.

    I reverted back to the CD drivers for the card. The ability to alter the settings returned, but the system still hangs on boot.

    Now, the hang I can tolerate, it just means being patient. What I'm not happy about is the fact that I don't know why, and have no idea as to what it could possibly be causing it. Is this a problem with the VIA chipset, DX9.0b, the nvidia drivers, or a combination of 2 or more of these?

    Not knowing things even after looking and thinking about it is really annoying. Can anybody explain what this is, and help me learn something in the process?
  2. BobTheGreat

    BobTheGreat TS Rookie

    try running this driver unistaller then go to nvidias site and pick up the latest drivers here. See if that fixes the problem.

    Just as a general rule I don't download ms's fixes unless I have a problem or its something that sounds usefull. Usually while it does fix some potential problem the updates always seem to cause more trouble then they are worth.

    Good luck :)
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