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Dec 17, 2004
  1. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone could help me, i've installed directX 9.0b Version using Windows98, when i try the Test Direct3D option i get nothing but errors as follows

    Direct 3D 7 Interfaces-
    Test Failed at Step8 (Creating 3D device) HRESULT=0x80004005 (Generic Failure)

    Direct 3D 8 Interfaces -
    Test failed at step 8 (Creating 3D Device) HRESULT=0x8876086c (error Code)

    Direct 3D 9 interfaces-
    Test failed at step 8 (Creating 3D Device) HRESULT=0x8876086c (error Code)

    any help would be greatly appreciated, im about ready to pull my hair out looking for help on the microsoft website or on the net anywhere!!!!
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot !
    Direct x 9 is backward compatible ,so I would suspect that your problem may be related to the lack of processing power or old Video card .
    Post the hardware specs of your system in Your Profile.
    Did you check the minimum requirements for DirectX 9 or Known issues listing at Microsoft?
  3. HoopaJoop

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    If you are using an agp video card you may want to reinstall, or update your chipset drivers then reinstall dx.

    Also, make sure you are using the latest driver for your video card. I have a relatively new video card and had to update it to properly use DX 9c.
  4. artlady

    artlady TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info everyone, The PC is relatively new. only bought this year , it originally had winXP on, but was removed to install Win98.. DirectX9 worked, then for no reason it stopped!, I will get the specs of the machine and posted shortly (different machine from the one im using at the moment) the graphics card is nivida (?) or something like that but i will post the correct specs, I really appreciate all the help you've no ideas the problems it will cause if i dont get this fixed!! :)

    so thankyou so much!
  5. artlady

    artlady TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okie dokie, here are the specs. let me know if you need to know anything else

    OS - Win98SE
    AMD Athlon(tm)XP 3200+
    512.0 MB RAM
    Geforce FX 5200 (NVIDIA GFORCE)
    74.5GB Hard Disk Space on C partition and 74.5GB Hrd Disk Space on D partition
  6. artlady

    artlady TS Rookie Topic Starter

    urgh! i downlaoded a newer driver from NVIDIA and it went belly up LOL! Now i've only got 16bit im formatting the drive and reinstall windows and start again with DirectX9.oc this time!
  7. artlady

    artlady TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay problem fixed!! after a format.. reinstalled the updated driver..downloaded and installed Directx9.0c version it works okay. apparently DX9b doesn't work with that Video card. so anyone else having problems try using 9c see if that helps ! worth a go! :)

    Thanks everyone for being so quick to respond and help, greatly appreciated !!!!!!
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