DirectX 9.0c Problems

By Oris
Jun 11, 2005
  1. Hey, recently i tried to install the new demo version of battlefield 2 the game. The installation of the game went all according to plan, but then 9.0c died! Directx 9.0c installation failed apparently because the file did not pass the windows logo test. So what ive done is this, downloaded the redist version of it, and tried installing it that way. Didnt work, tried installing it by getting 9.0b first... that didnt work either, it just skipped installing it. DxDiag says i have 9.0c, but i know i dont because it wouldnt have failed if i had it. I tried the method of changing the exe and the two dll for the 9.0b to the 9.0c but that also didnt work. Anyone got any ideas why im getting this error and how i can fix it ???
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