DirectX/Gaming trouble

By Mericc
Jan 19, 2006
  1. Not sure if this is exactly the forum for this but it is the closest I can find. My computer was recently came under a major virus attack(SpyAxe) that took considerable effort including Ewido, HijackThis, Ad-Aware, and others to get rid of. Well after I had gotten rid of it I suddenly could not get on to certain games, Everquest II most importantly. It would go through the launcher but once you hit play it would hit the initial blackscreen and then freeze. I used Regvac, Reinstalled DirectX numerous times, and many others suggestions for how to fix this problem but still the problem persists. Recently I noticed an odd discrepency in that while the DXDiag tool lists no problems, the diagnostic tool that came with my Radeon 9550 says that DirectX is not installed properly and that the capture INF files are missing. Any suggestions on what could be going on would be appreciated. If you need information from DXDiag, or MSInfo or something else please ask. Thank You.
  2. l33t_tek

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    Well, obviously SpyAxe left an effect on your computer even though it's removed (or so you say). Re-install your graphic drivers, the game and even windows if you have to (just the Upgrade - not Full). It appears some files in your Windows directory aren't functioning properly so re-installing XP (if that's what you're using) should repair the files.
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