Disable My Documents for all new users

By caraccio ยท 4 replies
Nov 24, 2004
  1. I want to be able to Disable the creation of the My Documents folder from being created when a new user logs in.
    When you double click the My Computer icon , there maybe 20 different users documents there if 20 users had logged into the machine.
    So i want this to be disabled from happening. :knock:
  2. dadecamp

    dadecamp TS Rookie Posts: 30

    What OS? If it is XP, why not just have one "Guest" account for your visitors and limit its permision level?
  3. caraccio

    caraccio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    We are using XP but with Novell client, so when someone logs into a machine it creates a profile for them.
  4. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    just wondering, are you trying to set up a LAN or something?
  5. caraccio

    caraccio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am updating our image of the SOE.
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