Disabling APIC? (Windows Repair Question)

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Nov 22, 2004
  1. I have a Avermedia DVB-T Digital TV Card, which worked fine on my previous motherboard, but has some kind of Issue with NForce motherboard chipsets. As suggested by someone else on another forum, I have disabled APIC in the BIOS, and this seems to have solved my TV Card issue (random signal breakup, even with strong signal). I have tested this with another clean installed Windows on another hard drive, but my problem now is that my main hard drive does not but up if APIC is turned off, would repairing Windows fix this? or is a complete reinstall needed?

    Also, what exactly is APIC? Is it something to do with expanded IRQs?
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    Thanks for that. Seems like a very useful site.

    I am using Windows XP Professional, and after disabling APIC (in order to fix my TV Card Issue) Windows does not boot up, it just hangs with a black screen. Presumably this is because Windows is expecting all the IRQs etc. to be mapped in a certain way i.e. is expecting to see an APIC managing the IRQs. Would doing a Windows XP Repair fix this?
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    You probably need to change the HAL to "Standard PC" - can be done in safe mode but I don't know if repair function has that option.
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    I will probably try that later (when I get back from college), but I think I will back up everything first.

    Thanks for the suggestions

    Presumably this is relevant

    I am assuming I can just boot into safe mode, open device manager, click update driver (for "ACPI Uniprocessor PC") and change it to "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC" which is a non-APIC HAL.
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    Just a suggestion;
    On my Abit TH7 there is an option to force a PCI card to use a fixed IRQ ( a free one) I use the setting for a SCSI card and I avoided messing with the ACPI ,
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it was a definite APIC issue (with my TV Card), and changing the HAL to a non APIC one seems to have done the job.
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