Disabling Hibernation Causes Blue Screen

By dariop
Aug 7, 2006
  1. Stop 0x000000E error Not even listed by Microsoft!

    Strange error. I if I disable hibernation and then try to reboot I get a blue screen and I have to power off & restart. There's no event 1001 logged though and no minidump either, nor is there a message after reboot; 'the system has recovered from a serious error'. it's like the crash never happened. The hiberfil.sys file, which I was hoping to remove, is still there.

    Here is the exact error code; STOP 0x000000E (0xc0000005, 0x804DA07F, 0xA69B4C0C, 0x000000) I've checked on Microsoft, they don't have this one listed. Any help much appreciated.
  2. dariop

    dariop TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One other trigger for the stop code, I scheduled chkdsk, with the fix errors option enabled, went to re-start, same thing happened - straight to blue screen. Same error code, no sign of the crash after I restart.

    Found the cause; the problem was a driver for an old, Zoom, USB modem. Uninstalled the modem, deleted hiberfil.sys with no further problems. Thanks to everyone who replied!
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