Disabling onboard sound!

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Feb 9, 2006
  1. When you get a audio card, such as the Sound Blaster 24 bit card, do you have to disable the onboard audio? Also, would you generally have higher volume with a card? Thanks.
  2. iss

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    if you have been runnning with onboard sound and then switched to a sound card then yes you should disable the onboard sound. but first uninstall the drivers for the onboard sound.

    the volume is goin to be more dependant on your speakers than the card.
  3. Krillk

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    weather you HAVE to turn of the onboard sound card is relative to the new card.. i bought one that didnt need it.. though i know some other people have had to.. but since its quite easy to do, there should be no problem.. go to "enhedshåndtering" (damn Danish windows.. ) the place you can see the drivers to every piece of hardware in youre mashine.. then find youre onboard soundcard and open it.. then press "Disable".. tadaaa.. done..

    imo: no.. you get normal sound.. not louder.. but definetly better!.. more clear and without inteferance..
  4. Kaleid

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    It's a good idea to disable onboard soundcards if your going to use a stand alone card. Do it through the bios to free up it's IRQ and uninstall it's drivers so they don't load without a reason.
  5. spartanslayer

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    Thanks guys, I'm using headphones. I'm thinking of getting the Sound Blaster Live! 24. It's good enough for me.
  6. seanp789

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    Yes disable onboard sound from bios. You can do it from windows as well but better to do it from bios.

    Different sound cards will make zero difference on volume. However, if you use an equalizer you can digitally increase the DB level of the original signal. The SB live should have this built into the drivers control panel somewhere. This will increase the loudness of the actual signal but if your speakers are the bottleneck this may do very little for you. Still you can try it and see if that was what you were looking for.
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