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Feb 15, 2008
  1. i have got a laptop and wanna open it, but i try a lot of screwdrivers, it didnt work, i think my laptop's screw get some damage, if so, what should i do, how can i open a laptop besides using a screwdrivers. thanks for helping me plz !!!
  2. kimsland

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    What make and model is it?
  3. raybay

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    First rule is to give us the brand, model, and age of the laptop. We don't have enough information to help you.
    Is it under warranty?
    Any attempt to open the case by buggering up a screw voids most warranties.
    Laptops are held together with a few (6 to 12) screws and some plastic snaps. You need to first remove the hard drive, memory modules, battery and optical drive to get to the parts that matter for a disassembly.
    Most laptop screws are held in by blue or red retainer compound, so you need to know how to use a screwdriver. The first step is knowing which screwdriver. The second is knowing how to use it. Since you have apparently already disabled the system by buggering up the screws, you need to get some knowledgable help.
    But as you go, you will need to figger out where the case clips and snaps are located, or you will break critical components that hold everything together.
    From a tech standpoint, you have already shown you need help by buggering up the screw... either your screw drivers are poor quality or incorrect sizes.
    You can easily get to the point where it will cost you real money to deal with getting this computer back to original condition.
    Most laptop schematics are available on line, via a Google search, or the website of the manufacturer... remembering that you are voiding the warranty and upping repair costs on whatever you do.
  4. johnha169

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    my laptop type is Aspire 3624WXCi
    you are right,man, i did seem to bugger up my screw, so i couldnt be able to remove the screw, so i should i do then, thanks for replying my question.
  5. kimsland

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  6. raybay

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    Leave it alone. Stay out of the case.
    Or get professional help.
    Likely requires a compound that will deal with the screw retaining compound... too much, or the wrong stuff, and you risk further damage. Then removal requires the correct screw driver.
  7. CCT

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  8. johnha169

    johnha169 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    But i really wanna open it, can u guys list what sort of professional screwdrivers for me or website introduce the kinda screwdrivers, thanks.
  9. johnha169

    johnha169 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    how can i make another new post in the site, i have been trying it for few hours , thanx
  10. N3051M

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    you don't really need any "special" screwdrivers.. BUT there maybe a variety of screwdriver types and sizes to properly dissasemble a laptop. As raybay said, you'll need to be able to determine what screwdriver you need when. Most common are:

    - Mini/electronic/jewelers/precision screwdriver kits (usually in a pocket sized case with screwdrivers with small heads)
    - normal phillips head/flat heads
    - Some devices require a security screwdriver, which is sometimes hard to find unless you know what you're looking..

    However, if you have already damaged a screw head, then you'll need something to remove it, such as this or similar

    Take it slow, especially if its the first time disassembling stuff.. observe where screws are, and where other fixed locks/clasps are as well. Don't loose any screws/important bits or something could get loose when you put it back together

    finding answers on a forum sometimes takes time. Especially when people have lives to live outside of this world..
  11. raybay

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    First, you need a screw removal compount that will loosen the fastener threadlocker compound... which is usually made up of polyglycol compounds, silica and dimethylbenzyl Hydroperoxide in a putty-like format on the threads to prevent screws coming loose through vibration. This solution is harmful to other components so should be used in extremely limited amounts.
    Then you need a hard steel driver that fits the screw top exactly. Better quality drivers will be milled to fit, rather than compression stamped. Since we cannot see your computer and screw, we cannot advise you.
    This is one area where a lot of experience is helpful. You do not want to bend the metal into which the screw fits, and you do not want to break off the screw... a real possibility... or you will need specialized comealongs.
    You will need a replacement screw of the correct diameter, thread, and length when you put it back together. Usually screw sets are available on eBay for less than $12.
    We advise that you do not do this yourself, based on what has happend so far.
  12. johnha169

    johnha169 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks a lot guys.
  13. raybay

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    Let us know what happened... what you decided to do, and how it all turned out.
  14. johnha169

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    well, just get professional help, and 1,how can i post another thread in the forum . 2, how can i install a firewall in a program such as dictionary... thanks for you successive helping me.
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