Disconnection with games with my adapter/modem.

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Jan 9, 2006
  1. Ok, I've had this never ending problem for the past month,(I'll get to the problem) so, I re-formatted my pc in a cry for help. Wierdly enough, the problem's still there... So, say I'm trying to connect to a DoD1.6(Sometimes but rarely CS1.6) server, when it reaches Precaching Resources, dod crashes and a popup comes up saying, Net_SENDPACKET error: NO ERROR, disconnecting me from the internet in the process. With Guild Wars, when I'm loading my character, loading a different place, or anything(Never in the middle of a game) I'll lose my Internet connection, the Above fatal error doesn't pop up.
    If it helps, my connection is Qwest DSL, an ActionTec Wireless 54mbs Gateway Modem, and a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz, 802.11g(<--Don't know what that number is, thought i'd add it) USB Network Adapter.

    I hope this I enough information to get you started on helping resolve my problem.

  2. darkstuarez

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    I've lost half my hair, pulling it out out of frustration every time i get this disconnection(a lot...)
  3. Gandalph

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    How strong is the wireless signal? My son is in the garage and has an OK signal. He can surf the net, download files, etc., but has problems with online games and streaming video as the signal bottoms out when he makes the attempt, causing lost packets and dropped connections. If you are close enough, you might want to try the same with a wired connection to see if it is just with wireless that this occurs.
  4. darkstuarez

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    I have a 90-100% signal at all times, my room is direclty above my mom's office(woman won't let me run a wire through the house up to my room :* ( )

    Anyways, I've been told that, w/e, here's the link.

  5. darkstuarez

    darkstuarez TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 59

    *COUGH* bump *COUGH COUGH* ( I can only play CS1.6 now! GW rarely connects now)
  6. KingCody

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    A microsoft flaw is the problem.

    It doesn't matter how strong your signal is, the Windows Zero Configuration Wireless program constantly searches for another wireless network no matter what, every time it refreshes its list of networks, it drops your internet connection.

    Open up notepad, and type 3 text lines exactly as written below (or copy from this post)

    @echo off
    net stop WZCSVC
    @echo on

    save the file to your desktop or somewhere easily accessible, and name it stop.bat (you can name it whatever you want, as long as it ends with ".bat"

    when you are connected to the network you want, click the stop.bat file, this will disable the ZCW program so that it won't drop your connection.
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