Audio Discovery as to soundfont cache problem on Audigy

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Here's the full post from Chuck Wagner on the matter. If you do test this out be sure to post up result, Windows XP might not be affected by this however.
I've been suspecting there's a relation between the soundfont cache size available and the GE Force 2 driver.

I've confirmed a definite interaction. I uninstalled the current Detonator driver, planning to go back to my original board supplied driver to see if there was a difference, and there is.

My system is an Epox 8KTA3, 512MB PC133, GEForce 2 Pro, Linksys 10/100 Nic, DVDrom, IDE burner and the Audigy.

Anyway, after removing the GE force driver from add-remove programs and rebooting the system, I then started loading soundfont banks in before reinstalling a video driver. I loaded close to 400 MB of soundfonts, which had prior to now, not been possible. I had been getting 186MB total in my cache with that detonator driver installed.

I then installed the factory drivers for the GE Force 2, and upon reboot where installed default is high-color 16 bit, I ws able to load nearly 250MB in soundfonts. I then switched it to 32 bit true color, rebooted and was still able to load that amount.

It's very obvious that despite having 64 MB on the GE Force 2 Pro, itself, that the board does in fact tax system ram in an unaccelerated mode.

I'm not sure we can expect this to be fixed by an ASudigy upgrade. I don't know if this affects XP also, but I am very aware here of the difference that it makes not having NVidia's current detonator driver on my system.

I also suspect I will not see a difference in Unreal Tournament 32 bit full detail everything by having backtracked on the video driver.

I am strongly suspecting that my friend, who told me he was able to load over 300 MB of fonts does not have a GE Force video board in his system.

It would seem there's a sacrifice inherent to playing games, other than the obvious of wasting time of course...couldn't resist...:^)


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I always wanted to ask this but never dared to...



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I think these are like extra sounds you can install that can be reproduced by the creative. COmpare it to a software syntheziser like the one from yamaha. You load extra synth sounds. Correct if wrong.
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