Disk Cleanup.. basic question..

By lucidtransition
Feb 1, 2007
  1. Just wondering, why is it when you do a disk cleanup, it has to Compress old files? I mean it takes forever to compress the ****, why not just delete everything, and be done with it.. is compression really necessary to delete files? it takes FOREVER this way :p .. im doing it now and it says
    Cleaning: compress old files

    WHY?! doing this takes so long. it moved 2 progress bars in the last hour and a half :p..
  2. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    depending on how sensitive you data is, deleting them actually doesn't delete them, even formating a drive you can still recover files.

    however - compressing files is an option you can select/deselect after the intial 'disk compression' you see when you select disk cleanup from system tools.
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