Disk Defragmenter Problem

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Apr 8, 2007
  1. I havent really been a fan of doing disk defragmenter, but i tryed useing it this morning and it completed , and i thought, cool, but when i checked the thing were it shows how fragmented your hard drive is, and i still had ALOT of red spots, soo i ran it again, and again, but it didnt change, i found out, it wasent saving or somthing because i would seee the same look on the analysus every time, anyone know what might be the problem?

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    there is no problem at all,windows defragmenter is not professional,u need to use pro tools like DISKEEPER PRO PREMIUM v11 get it from 9down.com.u will get wat u want.other wish u luck.Robin
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    what kind of defragmenter are you using? Windows defrag is a very poor program. Use something like diskeeper.
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    Hi. All,
    I downloaded the freeware/trial version of Diskeeper and carried out a defrag of drive C. It told me I should defrag my paging file and I set it to defrag on reboot.
    After rebooting it started to list multiple files as 'orphans'. I can't remember the rest of the process.
    It subsequently rebooted only to freeze on a blank screen after about 30 seconds. This is always repeated.
    I managed to run scandisk from the floppy drive, using a recovery disk but it tells me the hard disk C is 70% blank. It should read about 17% blank. This represents a loss of a hell of a lot data.
    Is there a problem with Diskeeper?
    I am sending this from another p.c. as mine is now unusable.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    (This is my first post)
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    If you have important data, good time to slave your drive and recover what you can.
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    You should also realize that not files can be defragged. Some are considered system critical and are not allowed to be defragged by Windows. Yes, there are better defrag tools out there but event the best cannot defrag your HD 100%!
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