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May 9, 2003
  1. I recently disabled creative's installed disc detector software. I think that creative's disabled windows disc detector. Where do I find this and reenable it. Thanks
  2. Rick

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    I'm curious to why you want it?

    If you know where to find it, you can drag a shortcut to it into the Start/Program Files/Startup menu.
  3. StormBringer

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    Are you saying that Autoplay has stopped working since disabling disc Detector?
  4. cogenmaster

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    Auto Play

    Yea, I guess that is what is I'm not exactly sure of the right terminology. The reason I want to re-enable it is because of the following: Since disabling the disc detector I can't burn CD's with XP. Now when I drag and drop files on the CDROM and go through XP's burning wizard, XP never detects a disk. I continue to get an error message that there is no disk in the drive. I was assuming the disk detector autoplay function was to blame since I know of no other changes to the computer unless my kids or wife did something that I am not aware of. Well I hope that this explains this better.

  5. lynneb

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    I have the same problem with my Creative Blaster CDRW not detecting any CDs.
    I had Win98 and not too many problems. Upgraded?? to Win2K.
    Using EasyCD, the message said Disk Detector is disabled, do you want to enable. Click 'Yes'. Reboot.
    Disk detector now 'appears' to be enabled. EasyCD does not 'see' it.
    That drive is also very sluggish and only works intermittently.
    Have uninstalled and re-installed several time.
    Any ideas??
  6. SuperJ

    SuperJ TS Rookie

    Are you saying that Autoplay has stopped working since disabling disc Detector?
    YES , that is Exsactly what happened to me! I hate this peice of Audigy CRAP. Drivers and all its BS is so hard to install and get right :hotouch: So anybody have feedback about how do undo the damage or am I going to have to format for the 4 time in 3 days thanks to bad install of this crappy Audigy ?

    If anyone knows what to do , please just take a moment to help. This thread would finally hold the answer then to all who search after this solution from here on. PLEASE. I need help
  7. TS | Thomas

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    Disc Detector is located in the Control Panel & in the Services program. You should also check the creative website as I remember they had a patch out which was supposedly to fix Disc Detector breaking Windows Autoplay
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