Disk Doctor Error on Mac OS X

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Jan 29, 2005
  1. Disk Doctor Error--I have a Macintosh eMac, OS 10.3.7. When running Disk Doctor 8.0 I get this message: "Norton Disk Docor has come upon an unexpected problem and is unable to continue scanning the disk. Error found: 23005. Please try examining the disk again."
    When I try again, the same result. Any ideas?
  2. Rick

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    What does the error mean? I am unsure. Most likely it is a problem with the program. Norton for Mac has a tendancy to crash when it can't fix a problem. My second guess may be your hard drive is failing, but it is much more likely a problem with Norton.

    How to fix the error? There may be a couple of solutions. The first one I would try is updating 8.0 to 8.1, as 8.0 is not actually "certifiably" compatible with Panther (10.3.x as you mentioned).

    The second one would be to boot from the Norton CD, rather than run it under Panther. Even though it is incompatible with Panther, Panther uses the exact same file system Apple has been using for years. So Norton 8.0 willl work fine as long as it is loaded in its own environment off of the bootable CD. You can boot from the CD by loading it into your optical drive, restarting the computer and holding down the C key after the chime.

    You know, I've seen a lot of Norton Utilities related problems on Macintosh. It seems to have a fairly loyal base of Apple fans who swear by it, but it really isn't something I'd put a lot of faith in. The Mac OS Extended file system is fully journaled and has a pretty minimal amount of problems short of disk failure. Norton's disk utility really isn't necessary to run and can actually cause a whole host of other problems with its "iffy" solutions for fixing problems on your Mac. I've seen some instances where Norton would render an installation of OSX unbootable, cause problems in startup or cause some programs not to work anymore. And the program itself has a tendancy to crash when it has the slightest hiccup...

    Just a warning of course. Like any utility, it can save and destroy. :)
  3. benglfer

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    Disk Doctor Error

    Thanks for the reply. I had booted from the CD when I encountered the error.
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Have you tried OSX's own Disk Utility?
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    What, Norton apps buggy?

  6. CrackedButter

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    I wouldn't touch any Norton software when used with a mac, from everything I have read, their software just causes problems.
  7. jim4jim

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    1st of all why are you running disk docter ----- do you think you have a problem w/ slow down ar other problems all ways run permission repair in util first and the repair shut down and then ck again to see if it is fixed before you try a hammer ----drive 10 works best to ck disk or disk warrior for mac
  8. jobeard

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    OS X <> Os 9 and beyond

    NDD was very useful prior to OS X and I've had great success since Mac IIci and OS 6.05 using it. HOWEVER, now that OS X is basically a FreeBSD Unix system, the filesystem is TOTALLY different and NDD is no longer trustworthy. When moving forward with new releases, sometimes old habits need to be modified :)

    Disk Tools and OS X utilities will serve you better in the OS X environment.
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