Disk image/hd backup questions

By chunkstyle
Jan 28, 2005
  1. hi

    can any of you please explain what a disk image is? i gather it's different from just copying everything from one hd to another, thru windows' "my computer" window.

    does a disk image copy everything over exactly as it is on the old hd (for example, do installed programs on the old hd end up as installed in the new location?)?

    is a disk image the best way to back up a hd?

    is it possible to copy pieces of a hd to a cd-r (i know there's a space limitation on cd's) & copy it back to another hd, or is that not really the same as a disk image.

    also -- are there any good freeware/shareware utilities out there for this?

    sorry for such a basic, goofy question.

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