disk management in XP Pro SP2

By January
Oct 29, 2007
  1. I have a hd with 4 NTFS partitions. I want to reconfigure the hd to 2 NTFS. I would like to avoid asking MS for permission to use XP Setup. They have always given it to me, and as a last resort I can do that again. But I have seen several hints that Disk Management can do what I want.

    I already have my data backed up and also sorted onto two drives. I do not know how to span those two drives so that each one merges with one of the now empty partitions.

    In Disk Management, I cannot get past the option just to either create new Empty Space or a New Volume with the now empty partitions. No indication of spanning???

    MS Knowledgebase and email consulting tells me to use Fdisk. Am I wrong? Fdisk doesn't exist in NT only in DOS based 95 & 98 systems? MS has those 95/98 instructions linked to their XP instructions but I can't figure it.
  2. Rik

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    The disks must be made dynamic if my memory serves in order to span.
  3. January

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    Thanks Rik. I am now satisfied with the answer.

    I finally made it to the info about dynamic disks and dynamic volumes. Yes, a dynamic volume can be extended to include empty dynamic spaces. However, the price paid for that is some incompatibilities with *standard* drives/volumes.

    I need to keep it simple, so I shall go ask mama ms to let me please do what I long ago paid for--use the capacities of the software they sold me.
  4. Rik

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    Lol ok, any more problems, just post 'em.:)
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