Display driver failure and recovery

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Oct 28, 2007
  1. may be incorrect forum here - have a problem with display driver failure and recovery--have HP desktop computer purchased 4-25-07--worked fine for 2 months and all of a sudden the display driver failed and recovered--have contacted microsoft,hp, intel-its been into the hp shop 4 times-last time bad a code purple --complete melt down--they once again returned pc to me-same display problem--intel no help-they claim this is a software problem-i believe it to be since i also bought a dell with the same problem--help anyone
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    you are right, excellent post there--however, i fear he is a more advanced person than i am-I have HP desktop model SR5010NX with Intel 945G Celeron(R)D CPU3.46Ghz, bios version 5.18 X86 based PC-just returned as i said,from HP repair shop-the ran stress tests on everything-checked everything but software-Problem & solution program shows this to be a live kernel event--display driver igfx driver stopped and recovered--new computer is running Vista home basic--i have about 65 email support with HP regarding this--they really have no idea whats happening-and as i stated in original post, Intel says it is a software problem, if anyone can help from this information, i will be grateful--the last time i sent in for repairs my computer as a CODE PURPLE and couldnt restart ( i dont believe this to be connected with display problem tho)all drivers are up to date,bios is updated have 2 GB kingston memory modules -
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    If its still under warranty, get them to replace it.
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    Name your Video

    What size is your Power Supply ? These systems usually don't give you
    enough.The motherboard manual should describe the minimum.
    or just get a 500 watt and rreinstall your unnamed Video.
    But name your video and reply first.Makes a difference to troubleshoot.
    But if rik is right then do that.:)
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