diy scsi d25 to hd50?

By salviablue
Aug 18, 2006
  1. I have a scsi controller card in my PC and an external 100MB ZIP drive (I know but i got it for less than a fiver!). The ZIP drive has only D25 connectors and the scsi card has a hd50 external connection and a, dont know what theyre called but a 50 pin connector like that of the HDD connector but a bit wider. Being skint and loving DIY, out of my many spares i have a 'wider than HDD connector SCSI connetctor' and d25 connectors (both sexualities). I hope to be able to wire my self a lead that will connect the two (SCSI card and ZIP drive) using either connector on the SCSI card, i would like to know how to wire both the 'wider than hdd connector scsi connector' and hd50 to a d25)
    Any help would be most appreciated!
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  3. salviablue

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    Big thanks

    Thankyou very much, that has been a massive help!
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