DLL trouble (i think) with Microsoft Works Task Launcher

By icecoldian
Feb 1, 2007
  1. AS a University Student, I am very fond of the word processor available in Microsoft Works. Its what came with my computer, windows XP, and it has served me well over the past few years.

    But just these past few weeks, Works has really gone topsy turvy on me, I got a DLL error when i opened works, and then when i opened Word Processor i got an additional 2 error messages, so i closed the program, and tryed again, and then Word processor wouldn't even open...
    I was able to fix the error message that would come up when just the task launcher opened, by dowloading that DLL off of a DLL website dump.

    Here are the two messages,

    "The application or DLL c:\program Files\Microsoft Works\wkwpquil.DLL is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

    followed by

    "Works cannot access one or more files it needs to run the word processor. the files may have been renamed, deleted or moved. Try reinstalling works, then starting the program again."

    However, when i purchased the computer, it didn't come with any software disks, everything was installed on the computer already, and they didn't give me any disks or anything.

    What to do? I had the demo of Microsoft Office, but that expired today, now i am really S-O-L.
    ANy ideas? ANyone have the program, want to try sending me the DLL by e-mail or somthing?

    oh and i have restarted many a-times since this started happening, it has not fixed nor helped the problem.
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    I don't have a solution for the above, I just want to say that if you don't get the problem fixed, you could try a free alternative like the Writer in OpenOffice.org or AbiWord.
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