DNS problems when downloading

Good morning all. After much scouring of the internet for a solution, I finally have admitted defeat and have decided to post a topic to try and help solve an issue which may result in my PC going out the window.

I recently changed my internet provider to a much faster, supposedly more reliable provider. I'm based in the UK and made the move from BT (4mb/s on copper) to TalkTalk fibre (700mb/s, FTTH). The connection itself is fantastic, and plugged directly into the back of the supplied hub ( This thing here - https://more.talktalk.co.uk/news/2019/04/26/talktalk-wi-fi-hub) I get the recommended speeds.

Unfortunately I don't have the scope to put a wired network throughout the house, and as such I installed a wireless adaptor into my PC. Specs as follows:
Intel i9 9900k
ASUS STRIX Z390-F Gaming Mobo
32GB Corsair Vengence @ 3000MHz
2080TI GPU etc etc etc...

Not a bad PC. I then put in the wireless card. Its a Aorus GC-WBAX200 (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GC-WBAX200-rev-10) and more than capable of handling the internet in the house.

I have frequently had issues with the DNS address failing and the connection to the internet dropping. I have tried the normal actions. You know... Setting a DNS of, disabling the firewall, flushing the DNS... All the things a wikihow may suggest. It seems that the issue surrounds mostly when downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 through the Rockstar launcher. I get a minute of 40mb/s downloading and then.... zip. DNS error. Internet crashes out, flags a DNS error, troubleshoot connection, new DNS assigned and off we go! For another minute until it crashes again. Despite downloading at 40mb/s I am currently 28GB downloaded of a 115GB game, and its taken 19 hours to get this far.

Whilst I can navigate my way round a computer, I have never gone inside of a router or hub before, and out of fear of ruining things I have come to find some expert advice on how best to solve this issue, as if it continues I don't know how much longer my love of PC gaming will continue! (Its been 20 years so far, and I don't want to let a little thing like DNS errors stop me!)

Any help and guidance appreciated, a fix has yet to be found on the internet!


First, google for a firmware update on the TalkTalk

The look for the latest driver for the WiFi card


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Another option also would be to test the network on a different device while you're having issues. This would give us a slight indicator if its a device issue or network issue.