Do all Clients on LAN need firewall?

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I am fairly new to Netwotking & I have tried to search within this forum for thee answer to my question
but I cant seem to find it.

I know I should get a router & plug it into the cable modem
but $ wont let me at this point,
so I will have to wait a lil while longer.

So if you can please look past thee obvious & back to the days of ICS.
After all it is part of NT.

I am on a older Etower600is with the Anaheim 2a mobo/WinXPpro/SP2

I have succsfully setup a LAN here at my house it consist's of 3PC's .

We all share a cable connection thru ICS(Internet Connection Sharing)

Thee other PC's are a Livingroom PC(Dell4550), and of course there is the
Kid'sroom PC(Acer Aspire VIII 2190m)

All PC's have WinXP except the Kidsroom it has 98se but it came with ICS as well, so no big.

Here is my question: I read somewhere that when on a LAN with a
host / client setup, then the only PC that needs a Firewall is the PC facing the Cable modem or Internet !

Is that true?

Thanx for any Consideration/Direction


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You need a firewall on each computer. It is always adivable to have a firewall any computer that is not getting its connection filtered by a hardware device.


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Yes, the computer that absolutely needs a firewall is the one exposed to the internet.

It is a good idea to run a firewall on all the other hosts too to prevent outbreaks inside your network. If one of your computers gets infected by something then the firewalls would (hopefully) prevent it from spreading itself to all the other computers.


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Thank you

I appreciate the time you took to answer my question,
both IronDuke ,Nodsu .

Not exactly the answer I wanted to hear but it will have to do !

Once again thank you for your time & response
Xproject187 :cool:
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