Do i allow NT Kernel

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Jan 27, 2005
  1. My firewall keeps asking wether to allow NT Kernel and system, not knowing what this is its been blocked, is this correct or is it something vitally needed?
  2. Blakhart

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    If you're running any version of NT or 2k/xp, it's probably just your operating system trying to do a loopback with itself, especialy if the address it wants to contact is or similar. This is harmless and it's also neccessary for the computer to run correctly. If it's an address on the internet it wants to get to, allowing it to do so is up to you. It may also be trying to get an ip address if you have your system set up to do dhcp, wich might also be what you're seeing. If the address it wants to contact is say like, it's (usualy) trying to get a dhcp issued ip address by "leasing" one from the router or whatever does dhcp for your system.

    What is the address it's trying to reach?
  3. martinlw

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    Its attempting to come in the path my firewall quotes is c windows system 32 Ntoskrnl.exe whatever that is.
  4. Blakhart

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    No ip address is indicated? Such as
  5. martinlw

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    No just a version number 5 1 2600 21.
  6. xChuck

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    Ntoskrnl.exe is a critical process in booting Windows.

    Before you allow access, check your task manager and see if it is visible. If you can't see it as a running process, then it should be fine to allow it. If it is, make sure that your anti-virus defs are up to date and scan for viruses.
  7. martinlw

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    Task manager dosent show it,also the address it shows is my own assigned by DHCP.My firewall even though it is instructed to allow for some uknown reason is blocking it. comes up in a window quite alot.
  8. xChuck

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    what firewall are you using that keeps alerting you?
  9. martinlw

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    Sygate free edition,have now discovered alot of people with sygate 5.6 are having the same problem since upgrading from 5.5 edition.
  10. bkmorgan

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    Firewall permissions

    I have recently switched from Sygate (new version was locking up) to Agnitum Outpost Firewall. I would appreciate some help on knowing what to block and what to allow.

    It shows:
    Generic Host Process for Win32 (set to always block)
    LSA Shell (no setting)
    Messenger 4.7 (Always block)
    Application Layer Gateway (no setting)
    msn.exe (no setting)
    clientsideproxy (msn webaccelerator - always allow)
    MSN Messenger 6.2 (always allow)
    MSN Internet Service (no setting)

    There are several svchost tasks that were blocked, as well as Netbios. Do these need to be allowed?


  11. RealBlackStuff

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  12. Mictlantecuhtli

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    As far as I know, ntoskrnl.exe doesn't need to connect anywhere, at least if you're not sharing any files in a network.

    However, it could be useful to allow ntoskrnl to IP address only, in order to avoid duplicate IP addresses from DHCP server.

    I've set my firewall to block all traffic in & out from lsass.exe, svchost.exe and ntoskrnl.exe, except ntoskrnl to and svchost.exe to my router.
  13. the grunty

    the grunty TS Rookie

    hi i keep getting the same message about nt kernal and system ? tried everything but it keeps blocking it really annoying shall i allow it .annoying message keeps comeing up no matter what i do this message pops up? any ideas please
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