Overclocking Do I need a new heatSink?

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Hi guys;

I have AMD Athlon XP 2100+ processor with SOLTEK HEATSINK (came in a package), 512MB DDR RAM, ATI RADEON 8500LE 64MB AGP 4X video card. I have 3 80mm fans, the front one inhales air and the two back one exhale. My computer used to get 75 degree C temperature, but I took out heatsink, cleaned it and put it back using "Heatsink Compound" (Silver Grease). It lowered my computer's temperature about 10-12 degrees C. This was about a year ago. However, now my computer did the same thing. As, I play "Battlefield 1942" online and used to freeze after only playing for 15 minutes. I took out the heatsink again, cleaned it and used the same compound again. My computer's temprature, when started is 48 degree C, but after an hour or two hours use it gets to 68-70 degrees C :knock: . So, my question is Do I need new HeatSink, if do, what kind of should I get. I don't want to spend lot of money. Or putting 1 more fan will solve my problem............Do I need to do anything to keep my VIDEO CARD cool.....

Any suggestions guys......................Thank you. :blush: :p
Look around for CPUIdle from www.cpuidle.de
Lowers the temp. by about another 7-10 degrees C.
As I don't play games, I don't know how this program hold up under load.
I have an Athlon XP1900+ with Zalman Flower CNPS6000-Cu, and CPUIdle Extreme, average mobo temp. is 28C, CPU 31-32C, never over 35C.

Using Arctic Silver II or III thermal paste can lower temp. by another 5C.
Zalman also do a very good graphics card cooling system, but it needs lots of space (2 slots)
I`d like to thank RBS for that.

Having transfered my mobo etc into a new case I noticed that my cpu temp was running at between 50 and 55 degrees celsius.

Having read your post I have installed MBR5 From http://mbm.livewiredev.com

Also I have installed CPUIDLE from www.cpuidle.de

My cpu temp is now around 37 degrees celsius

My case temp has not changed and is rock steady at 30 degrees celsius

Many thanks Regards Howard
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