Do i need a new HSF ?

By karl hogarth
May 10, 2007
  1. I am upgrading to a dual core. my ASUS A8N-E mobo is compatible for a dual but I have been running a single till now (financial reasons), I have purchased a 2.2Ghz Toledo dual core which i am thinking i might have a go at installing myself.

    Can i use the existing HSF for the dual core, is it capable of handling the heat of a dual?, will the dual be a different size which may not fit the HSF? or should i just buy a new HSF to go with the new CPU?

  2. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    Hi! I think you'll be fine with the same Heatsink, as long as you apply a good thin layer of Thermal compound on it (like artic silver 5).
    I don't have much experience with AMD but Intel's core 2 duo are supposed to run much cooler than the old P4 and PD, so if same thing apply to AMD's.
    If you are unsure, just install it and keep an eye on your temps if you have a noticeable rise on the CPU temp then you should consider upgrading your Heatsink, BTW which one are you using right now? I should've started with that... :D
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