Do I Need a Server?

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Sep 9, 2005
  1. With your help I've networked my classroom (20 Computers) using XP-P. The only problem is the limited number of students (10) that can access files on my computer at one time. Would a server solve the problem? If so, what OS? Anything special I should be concerned with when gathering components? Will I have to set up the network differently? Thanks.
  2. tdeg

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    You don't need a physically different box, first off.

    If you computer is running XP-P, then this is why you can only get 10 connections.;EN-US;314882

    I would suggest looking at Windows2003 Server. I think Microsoft gives pretty deep discounts to schools. If you computer runs XP-P, it should run Windows2003 Server.

    Or, if you feel adventurous, Linux costs nothing and would provide you with the functions you need. Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve though.
  3. Samstoned

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    there's free tweaking software out there that will jack you connects up my max is 250
    forget where in registery this goes
    I forget everthing anymore ,but if you want to get little beefed up get apache server software free
    setup your own server use Windows 2000 pro server
    just remember the server itself will be a dog when trying to do other things cpu time can't be shared unless you do lots of tweaking and need hyperthreaded cpu or dual.
    should get for cheap ebay
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    If you are only worried about people accessing your files, maybe you should get a network harddisk, such as the Snap Appliance Snap Server 1100,aid,119069,00.asp

    This hooks up to some ethernet port in a hub/switch/router.
    It is very fast and accessible by anyone on the net at all times.
  5. gassy

    gassy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks RealBlackStuff! That's what I need.
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