Do i need a video card/driver,or both or tv tuner?

By russfraz
Jan 9, 2005
  1. I don't know what the deal is-I'm not very pc savvy.I have Windows 98,Internet Explorer 6.Standard graphics driver (vga).My pictures are grainy,and the color is off.I downloaded directx9 driver,but it didn't seem to work-I was told that this would correct this and another problem that i have,i can't click on some website links,and the only email link that i can click successfully is my yahoo one.Otherwise,i click,and nothing happens.After reading some of the other posts on here,i'm now wondering;do i need a tv tuner?Any help,would be greatly appreciated.
  2. DamageInc73

    DamageInc73 TS Rookie

    Standard VGA is a default driver used by windows to get your system "up and running". You should install a video driver for your particular make and model of video card. If you don't have a disc that came with your computer or video card containing the video driver, then you can download the driver file from your video card manufacturer's web site. I don't think the video driver will effect your web browsing, but it will definitely improve your picture.
  3. SilkCutBlue

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    it would help if you stated what gfx card you have

    the links on web pages is another matter all together
    is java enabled? try turning all the security settings off (open IE > top menu > Tools > Internet Options.. > Security tab > Custom Level button > Reset to Low or Medium and OK it) then go to a reliable virus free web page with buttons that weren't working
    another option is to ditch IE6 all together (minus windows update) and try firefox or opera as your web browser (or some other web browser)
    i personally use firefox because it's much more secure than IE and it has much better features if you download additional plug-ins :) :D
    but, firstly make sure you have no viruses or spyware embeded in your system
    Ad-Aware is a nice free proggie for checking for spyware
    there's loads of others and i'm sure that there's plenty of links to good ones on this forum
    hopefully you have a good up to date virus scanner and firewall already....

    your pics will stay 'grainy' with VGA gfx
  4. russfraz

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    do i need graphics card/driver/tv tuner?

    Thanks for the reply-I have lavasoft-I'm kinda confused about going to a 'virus free' webpage-how do i know if a page is 'virus free?'I'm thinking more about firefox,a lot of people have said it's better than IE.
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