Do i need all these anti adware/spyware programs

By Hunger_force
Jun 25, 2005
  1. I have lavasofts ad-aware and mmicrosofts anti spyware beta. My question is, do i really need both of these. I am so woried about spryware and adware and that is why i have both. Also what is the difference between spyware and adware.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You should install Spybot S&D as well, and run them all at least once a week, but only AFTER you run their update-functions.
    I hear nothing about an Antivirus or Firewall program.....

    SPYware spies on you, your PC and your web-behaviour.
    ADware inundates you with ads, popups etc.
    Not difficult really, if you just READ.
  3. Tedster

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    the thing is with spyware removal programs (PC world magazine did a good article sometime ago on this), is that some companies PAY spyware and adware removal programs NOT to remove their programs. So one particular program might not catch everything. Also (currently being discussed in Congress regarding anti-spyware bills) is the fact that adware and spyware haven't been legally defined. For example, some spyware programs consider cookies as spyware, others don't. Some programs must export information in order self-adjust and improve. I think the real concern is intent of maliciousness and leak of personal, private information. I personally wouln't mind if a program let's say a video program exports info to improve its performance capability, but I would mind if it sent info regarding my music and shopping interests with the intent to spam my email or send annoying ads on my computer. Cookies are sometimes necessary to help a website perform better. Would you want to repeat all your credit card info every time a page loads when you're trying to buy something? A temporary cookie stores that info. Would you like a website to remember you if you're the only user on the computer so you wouldn't have to re-input your password? A cookie does that also. So cookies have their function and I personally wouldn't call them spyware even though some store personal infomation.

    True spyware exports your information without your consent or knowledge.

    I have found by using both Spybot search and Destroy and Adaware in combination eliminates almost all spyware.
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