Do i need more ram, what else do i need to improve on?

By Jameson653
Jun 27, 2005
  1. :wave: hey guys thanks for the help in advance. Well here is my situation, my father as a gift to me for leaving for college bought me a computer. He bought a nice one my 19' screen rocks but do you guys see anypoint in me updating my ram, do i need it? should i say screw it and upgrade my video card. All i play right now is Counter Strike v1.6 so I do not think I need the graphics boost but maybe

    Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
    512 MB of RAM
    Radeon x300
    80 GB mem

    PS - I know this sounds really noobish but I know how to make a computer run clean cause I had a really crappy one for as long as I can remember and I do not know how good I can make my new one or how much money I should drop on it, THANKS
  2. Bighead6365

    Bighead6365 TS Rookie

    If your not going to be playing the new games like Battlefield 2 and all of that there is really no point in upgrading everything. Pretty much if you need it to do schoolwork and fooling around on every once and a while it should be fine. If you feel there is a need to go and buy more RAM or a better graphics card etc. you can go and get it but right now it should be fine with what you want.
  3. glowingnissan07

    glowingnissan07 TS Enthusiast Posts: 94

    512 MB of RAM is more than enough RAM you'll ever need to do what your doing. You can upgrade your videocard if you want to play bigger, more realistic 3 Dimensional games if you want to.

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