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I just wanted to tell everyone that Day of Defeat 2.0 is out. If you haven't tried it it is a mod for half-life set in World War II. It is really great.

Even if you tried one of the old versions and didn't like it, you should try this one, because it is so much better. Just wait till you try the new class, "Machine Gunner". The power of the proned machine gun is awe-instilling.

Anyways, check it out at



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This version is pretty sweet, it has a new class for machine gunners that have a tripod or bipod lol that props up the machine gun, the machine gun is highly inaccurate when running but once you go prone and mouse 2 for alternate attack it deploys the tripod and accuracy is just amazing.

there is also 10 new maps some of which are remakes of the others such as dod_caen2. But some great new features like a bar at the top which tells how many flags each team has. There is also rain and stuff added to maps which makes a really cool effect.

All in all at first i was aweful at 2.0, dont know why cuz i was good at 1.3b but after i have played for awhile you get the strategy and it becomes alot more fun... I highly recommend it.


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What really caught my eye is that sweet X-Ray of the chest and beating heart instead of the regular old stamina bar. :grinthumb I like I like!
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