does a 20 pin power cord still work with a 24 pin mobo

By deano3041
Aug 9, 2005
  1. ok i have an ultra x connect 500 watt power supply and it has a 20 pin motherboard power cord..... i just realized my DFI LANPARTY nf4 ultra-D mobo has a 24 pin power connector. i have heard ppl say that a 20 pin connector will work with a 24 is that true?

  2. mailpup

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    It might. My 24 pin MSI motherboard will accept a 20 pin power supply although you need to know which end of the connector to line up. Check the manufacturer's website if you don't have your motherboard's manual.

    That said, you could also use a 20 pin to 24 pin adapter. About $4.00 or so.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    On my vnf4ultra it works. The plug can only go in one way in the 24 pin connector, it's keyed to fit one way. The tab that holds the connector in place doesn't line up, but it held well on my board for a while(until I got a 480w tagan 24pin psu) That said, does your board support using a 20 pin, not all 24 pin boards can use a 20 pin psu. Here's a pic.
    It's a little blurry, click for a larger view.
  4. deano3041

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    thanx guys i really appreciate it il git back to u in a couple days whether it works or not
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