Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

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May 27, 2006
  1. Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

    I was given this printer bare with no install instructions, no cd,etc.
    I already had a spare usb cable and i got the install instructions and drivers from HP. I installed this printer into a spare test unit that i keep just for testing. Its P3 733 and has win xp pro. At least i tried to install it, no way, kept asking for files that werent there. I contacted HP who told me to install HP 550C drivers instead.
    I did that, and with some other adjustments, like having to uninstall usb drivers and rebooting so system could re-install them,and a few other adjustments, its working. The tech guy told me "The issue seems to be with the some of the missing files from the Deskjet 5550 drivers which are required by the Operating System"
    My cousin, who gave me the printer, installed it fine in his P4 system and he has win xp pro w sp2 installed.
    I dont have sp1 or sp2 installed in my test unit.
    I dont want to install the HP 5550 in my main unit as i have a Lexmark 4350 all in one unit that i like, although i do have sp 1 installed there.

    My questions are:
    Would the absence of sp1 and\or sp2 make a difference in wether one could install the 5550 drivers instead of having to revert to the 550 drivers?

    If anyone else out there has this printer installed with either set of drivers, can you tell me if you have sp1 or sp2 installed?

    I hope to get some idea of other peoples installations and if they had any issues with this printer install.

    thanks in advance
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  3. nork

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    CrossFire851, thanks for taking the time to try and help me. However, it seemed to be the very same file that i downloaded from HP so i downloaded it from your site there and it is indeed the very same file.

    But, again, thanks for trying.
  4. CrossFire851

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    Try the printer in a different usb port and use the driver from the linked site.

    Important: according to HP, the printer's cable (USB or Parallel) must be unplugged before installing the software.
  5. nork

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    I did try it in another port, same prob.
    The driver from the linked site is identical. As you watch it download it shows that it is coming direct from HP. try it yourself and you will see that its the same file from the exact same source.
    Is there something i am missing on this? Not being snarky, just wondering.
    Yes, I had the printer cable unplugged. Its usb. My cousin told me that.
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