Does anyone have problems wiith the GeForce 6600 TD ?

By 4n75
Feb 25, 2005
  1. Hi

    I got this display card (GF 6600 TD 128Mb) the other day and after i bought it someone told me that the card isn't very good and there are a lot of problems with the drivers. Also that when you play games , the game will sometimes freez or windows will just hang or reboot?!?! Now i'v had the card 4 days and no problems have occured . Any comments?

  2. vnf4ultra

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    What do you mean by td? If you haven't had any problems, that's great.
  3. olefarte

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    You obviously got what you wanted or could afford, so if you are happy with it, I'd say go for it. If not, and you've only had it for four days, I imagine you could return it and get somethng else. While I'm not familiar with that card, to make a general statement, "the game will sometimes freez or windows will just hang or reboot" is maybe being a little to harsh on it.

    I've got a BFG 6800 GT OC, and I"ve had a problem with only one game, Chronicles of Riddick. It wouldn't load, but I found a workaround, and all is fine now. So, you MIGHT have problems with any card, depending on your setup.

    As far as drivers go, before I got this nVidia card, I had an ATi. They release a new set of official drivers every month like clockwork, and in my opinion seem to be getting more stable as time goes by. Now on to nVidia. They have not released an official set of drivers since Novemeber 9th. Although there are "leaked" drivers coming out, seems like almost weekly, or more often, a lot of them have bugs of one sort or another, but they are Beta drivers, so nothing to complain about there, I guess. I've tried nearly every set of Beta's, and always go back to the offical driver release, or the official Beta set, both of which work pretty well. But, I understand a new set of offical drivers will be released any day now that are supposed to be really hot stuff, better IQ and will benchmark faster.

    If you are like me, and can't wait for a new set to come out, it gets to be a hassle changing drivers so often. I've started to wait on somebody else to be the tester, and I read a lot of different forums, about each set of new Beta's, and decide if I want to try them. While most of them have some improvement, they also seem to present some problem, like in some of the latest, they raise the temps on your video card for some people, I've experienced this myself. So, I just stick with the official's for the most part. All in all though, I'm happy with my card.

    Back to your original question, I'd say, if you are concerned about your card, do a Google search, and read some reviews, I found several. But if you are happy with it, that's what really counts.

    Just my .2 cents and long enough. The end.
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