Does anyone know how I can fiind out information abouy my computer?

By anubhab123
Dec 30, 2004
  1. I specifically wanna know If I have a sound card and if I do which one and if I dont then what type of sound(the motherboard's integrated type).If anyone could point me to a utility that can help me identify it and perhaps tell me which drivers I need I would appreciate it.

    RDMEASE TS Rookie

    Look for the audio source.

    The first place to look is where you are plugging in your speakers on the back of the computer's case. If you are getting your sound from the same collection of connections where the keyboard and mouse connect you are using the integrated audio from the motherboard.

    If you are getting your sound from a connection of one of the PCI slots then you have a sound card. You may have a connection for both. In this case you need to go into BIOS on startup and disable the integrated audio. The next time you restart windows should see your sound card as new hardware if it had not done so before. Hopefully windows should be able to provide suitable drivers on the spot.

    If you have only one audio connection and it's on your motherboard the integrated audio may need to be enabled in BIOS.

    If all else falis you'll need to open your case and find any identifing logos or part numbers on your motherborad and\or sound card and search the internet for drivers.

    Hope this helps! I don't know of any utilities to tell you what you want... hopefully someone else has that info.
  3. SiNz

    SiNz TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Another method

    If you're running Windows, go to the Start Menu and go to "RUN..." and type in 'DxDiag' (which stands for DirectX Diagnostics). It should bring up a program where in the front page gives you all the information about your computer, such as its Graphics Card, Motherboard, CPU Processor, Sound Card, etc. That should work! :D
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