Does Firefox slow your pc?

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Apr 1, 2007
  1. it seems to use a lot of ram. Anyway when I start up my pc I get about 1.6GB of RAM free out of the 2GB. After a day or two it is down to around 500MB free. though have low CPU usage. Process idle at 99% most of the time. My PC shouldnt slow down that fast u would think. it gets to the point where I can't run any program. Not even open MyComputer, MyDocument folders. I probably have a lot running in background, but they dont seem to use a lot of memory. I got XPHome SP2 btw.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Yes, FF has had memory leaks for a long time, supposedly they fix them in updates... What version are you using? How many extentions do you have? If you don't use any extentions do you have the same problem?

    When I was running XP MCE, FF would cause my wireless mouse to lag.
  3. NRJ

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    I got version 2 right now. and a few expensions. I'm always trying new ones and dumpt them if i dont like them or I'm sure I wont use again.

    But the leak still goes one when i'm not using FF at all, but takes a bit longer to notice it.
  4. Nodsu

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    First, free memory is wasted memory and any proper OS will use up all available RAM for disk cache and other performance improvements.

    Open up the process view in Task Manager. Sort by memory usage to see which processes are using most RAM.
  5. NRJ

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  6. Nodsu

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    OK. Unless you have some two dozen tabs/windows open in Firefox, then FF or something related is to blame. Assuming that you have the latest version of FF itself, try uninstalling or updating all kinds of plugins and extensions you may have.
  7. drawls31

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    Does ipv6 have anything to do with it?
    I don't know if that's your problem or not.
    I use suse and I had to use about:config to disable ipv6.When I did that,It really sped up Firefox.
  8. rakeshupadh

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    just you keep not morethan website view in your firefox tab
  9. NRJ

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    not sure what is IPV6 for either. A lot of those programs I don't know what they are for and why the are running in the background. No I don't have 2 dozen tabs open. The max i usually get is 6. Which isnt the case right now.
  10. VicRic

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    I notice you have YahooMessanger and MSNMessanger running as well as Firefox -- are they plug-ins to Firefox in your specific setup ?

    I don't use any Messanger software therefore I can't compare and be positive whether the problem is related to that. However I wonder if the Messanger plug-ins --if they are plug-ins-- are for the previous version of Firefox.

    For how long do you have your machine running at a time ? How many hours ?

    I agree with previous suggestions in this thread -- you may want to try and 'disconnect' your Firefox plugins until you have a normal working system, and then plug them back one by one to see which one is the culprit.
  11. jobeard

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    hey; my ff is running in 55k!

    no extensions and .... no problems. I'm on a laptop and frequently just close the
    and let it hybernate. When I come back (eg: the following morning) I just resume
    where I left off.

    IMO, extensions can be neat and fun, but if you need reliability, dump'm.
  12. NRJ

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    yes I use Msm and YIM a lot. I also have Messenger Plus for MSN. The problem existed before I even used some of the plugins for Firefox. Around the time I installed a new Motherboard I think. Right now my pc been running for 2 days straight. Right now I can't even do some simple task like copy/move/paste files, nor open MyComputer/MyDocuments.... When I go to Start/Run it tells me windows cannot create a shortcut here. How I usually fix this, Reboot, it is annoying. Shortcuts on my desktop dont work right now, they all change to a default shortcut icon. In quick launch it is the same.
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