Does P5LD2 Deluxe support this HDD Configuration?

By Jackpine
May 31, 2006
  1. My P5LD2 Deluxe motherboard manual is not clear on this issue, and I need help.

    Can I configure the following on the Asus P5LD2 Deluxe:

    One WD 250GB SATA ll HDD as non-RAID for boot drive.

    Two WD 250GB SATA ll HDDs set up as RAID 0 for data drive?

    If so:

    - what mobo connections are used for the 3 HDDs?
    - do I need to install any drivers?
    - what sequence would this installation require?

  2. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    yes u can

    'n of course mobo sata connectors

    why would u wanna use non raid 4 boot drive? anyway

    yes u need that driver disk or download latest drivers and do driver didk (intel ich7)

    plug those hdd's (sata1 sata2 sata3) inplace and then go bios setup: ide configuration/

    configure sata as [raid]

    onboard serial ata boot rom [enable]

    then choose boot disk on boot menu

    save & exit

    Now boot up and press CRTL+I

    on intel storage manager:

    choose create raid volume
    choose raid level (guess striped 0?)
    then select disks

    blah blah blah

    finally choose create volume and press enter

    exit storage manager

    now if u want to setup windoze on that just created raid disk u have to press f6 on windoze setp

    hope this helps
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