Does this sound like a firewall problem

By Anonymous Danny
Jul 31, 2005
  1. Hey, so a friend of a friend of mine has a computer issue. It's a little hard getting the finer details of the problem but here's what the issue is at hand.

    THe person is having problems connecting certain applications to the internet
    AOL 9.0, Yahoo Messenger apparentally working
    AIM, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer don't work.

    Although it might be a virus or a faulty computer, I personally think this sounds like a firewall issue, especially since the person has cable high-speed internet and a router, as well as possibly a software firewall. Does anyone else think that this sounds like a firewall blocking the ports, or is it something else. And also, if it were a firewall issue, how would you figure out the ports for these applications so you can do port-forwarding?

    Help would be awesome.
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