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Dolby 5.1 Sound with games

By mcmcom
May 18, 2004
  1. Hello All,

    I recently bought a cheap Aureal A3D 4 Channel Card and a relatively cheap 5.1 speaker setup. The Speakers are Logitech and have the capability for a 6 channel setup, however there is a matrix button that when you press it, your supposed to get the 6 channel effect on only 4 channel cards.

    So I have it all set up like that. But I don't have a DVD Player on my computer. when I try to play games I can only get stereo sound, I was wondering what exactly i need to do in order to get the full Dolby sound. Do I need a DVD Player? Is it only capable with certain games? And How can I just TEST to see if it works properly?

    Thanks for helping a newbie out!
  2. Naynaz

    Naynaz TS Rookie

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