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Dec 20, 2007
  1. Hi my pc powers up but dont want too boot nor will it show on the monitor
    what can it be it did worked before its is a Dell optiplex g110 p3 ?
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    Welcome to TS. Our forum for Guides & Solved Issues is helpful in situations as this one. This forum will help you understand this problem in ways that many here can relate to.

    Here is what I think I know. The power supply received the Go signal from the mobo. The fans are running & some LEDs are flashing. You have not called attention to any beeps, meaning the mobo passed the POST.

    The only symptom that you have related is No Video. What other symptoms are being presented? Is there no hard drive activity?

    No video is a big limitation. Test the monitor with another computer.

    More details / symptoms will give everyone better insight into you problem.

    Don't boot means many things to different people. In a healthy system, new hardware / software causes grief. In older systems, things just wear out.
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    Hi you c what happend was I was loading sp2 when the power trip when it came on again it says! start windows nrmly when I do htat it happens again it made a beep noise several times and after that the screen gone black.It powers up fans are running and doesnt boot up can it be the processor that does not reckonized the drives?
  5. rf6647

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    You will probably need to follow instructions in post#1 over here.

    Using the Win_xp CD will force you to repeat the update processes to get you back to a known working load. Following the post, re-installs XP and does not touch your files or applications. It also "checks" out your hardware.

    HOWEVER, you may be one of the lucky ones who can resume the installation of SP2 by choosing the menu item "last known working configuration" or if things are somewhat worse, then select "safe mode".

    If magically it resumes installing SP2, I believe you will need patience because it will resemble BSOD (blue screen of death). If things are progressing, I think you see a splash screen "starting windows" followed by a blank desktop screen while SP2 installation resumes. Was the background for your desktop "black"? It has been about 2 years since my computer ran with SP1. Back in those day, there were 2 or 3 sequences of "Windows XP" splash screen followed by a black screen before the receiving the "starting windows" splash screen. It is possible that SP2 installation is injected among the black screens.

    How much patience is enough? Try waiting 1 hour. At any time, someone who is an expert can jump in with better advise.
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