Don't know where to start - proxies!

By taffia77
Aug 11, 2006
  1. Hope someone can help with this. Basically I'm in the UK and I've got a mate in the states who's happy to set himself up as a proxy server for me (but only me!) so that I can access certain sites that I can't here in the UK.
    The thing is I haven't got a clue where to begin. Do I need specialist software or is it a case of enabling/disabling certain settings.
    Also will it need to be an anonymous proxy? And how can we make sure that it is only me who can get through the proxy and no-one else?
  2. Nodsu

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    What is the proxy for? Do you need a simple web proxy or do you need to forward other kinds of connections too? Do you need encryption? Do you and/or your friend have static IP addresses or not? Is your fiend going to use a dedicated computer for proxy duty or will it be his Windows desktop?
  3. taffia77

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    Basically, it's to get around broadcasting rights issues. I want to watch events over broadband, but I'm restricted here. I don't know what kind of proxy I need for that!
    If by encryption you mean so that only people he allows can use the proxy then yes (we certainly don't want it to be an open proxy).
    I know my IP is dynamic, not sure about my mate's tho.
    He'll just be using his desktop machine, because I'll only be doing it when there's a match on. I don't know if that's relevant to the question connection, as we'll both be online at the same time when I want to watch the game, so he can always give me his IP just before even if he is dynamic?
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