Doom 3 Alpha 1.0 Patch

By Motoxpro
Jan 10, 2004
  1. I have just finished the 1.0 patch tha i have been working on and there will be a couple of updates to this patch here is the nfo
    Doom 3 Alpha Patch 1.0

    Here is the 1.0 patch that i have made it fixes a pretty good deal of things that i will cover later.
    Sorry for th bad grammar/spelling I was in a hurry :p. You can contact me at
    and ask for help or if you want to give me suggestions for the next patch or comments or anything just
    gimme a email and ill reply to you.

    0.9 How Do I Install the patch?
    1.0 What is Doom 3?
    1.1 What do I need for this game?
    1.2 Where can I download Doom 3 Alpha?
    1.3 What does this patch fix?
    1.3 What will the next patch do?
    1.4 I have problems loading/starting/playing Doom 3, what should I do?
    1.5 Will there be later patches/updates to this patch?
    1.6 What is the door code in level 2?
    1.7 What are the console commands?
    1.8 Is there map editor?
    1.9 What are good sites for Doom 3?
    2.0 AND The best for last, MULTIPLAYER!! Where, How, When, and Who can I play it with?

    that is just the contents of what this patch will do and show you how to do
    here is the download
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