Doom Eternal is finally getting its ray tracing update


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Something to look forward to: A new trailer on the GeForce YouTube channel shows off the graphical improvements Doom Eternal players have been waiting on. Ray tracing and DLSS support will allow players with RTX GPUs to experience the game's already top-notch visuals in staggeringly beautiful 4K.

Released on March 20th, 2020 to critical acclaim, Doom Eternal is already a graphically impressive game, but support for Nvidia's RTX features coming in June 2021 may raise it to new heights.

In a pre-release interview with Digital Foundry, id Software's Marty Stratton discussed "some initial implementation and exploration" of ray tracing technology, but it was discarded to keep the game on its initial release schedule, and players have been waiting since launch, well over a year for this enhancement.

The video above shows off the game running at 4K with ray tracing and DLSS enabled on the upcoming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU. The trailer is nothing short of stunning, but with such fast paced shooter action, we wouldn't blame you if you couldn't notice any visual differences.

Although it's taken a long, long time for RTX features to arrive, this could still be an exciting prospect to many gamers who have been salivating over the opportunity to demolish the legions of hell with RTX enabled. After all, who doesn't enjoy slaying some demons on the cutting edge of tech?

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For such a game I would just keep it off. FPS is king here and the action is way too fast paced to enjoy it. But it might make for some good screenshots :)


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The toned down silly lookin zombies and shift to that incredibly boring MP will eternally keep me away from the game. DOOM 2016 was a much better Doom game.

RT will look cool.


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Interested in seeing how this will perform.
iD Tech7 is already rather scalable, and this game runs quite well on a 2060 at 4K already.

Guess I'll run a bunch of benchmarks between rasterized, DLSS only, and DLSS + RT.

Game already looks good as it is though.

Now the update to RDR2, that's what I'm really looking forward to.
Used the H.U. settings video for a base settings and bumped a couple just a little higher than suggested, occasional drops into the 50's but mostly steady 60fps and looks great (windowed mode at 1440).
A DLSS boost to that game...that'll be nice. Not even sure I care about r.t. being added to it, I just want the performance gain.


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An enemy is around the corner. How do I know? I can see his reflection in the window.


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Super pumped to go back to this game with dlss and rt I enjoyed what I played last year but never finished it and it will be a treat along with rdr2 to go back and see even better performance on my new 3080 ti that I just replaced from my 3080.